CW Smith: Here in the Dark CD

CW looks back at songs from "South of Dakota" (1998), "A Function of Time" (2013) and "Blonde and Sweet" (2016), and digs deep into his back catalogue of older songs for this acoustic, one-man production. Some of these songs have never appeared on CD before now.

Also includes a brand new song "Here in the Dark," co-written by CW and his daughter Rose in early 2024.

This CD will be released on 04 May 2024. Preorders are open immediately, and your order will ship out on or after 06 May 2024..

1. 10 February / Helix (medley)
2. A Slap-Dash Affair
3. Not That Into You
4. California Rain
5. Here in the Dark
6. Come On Over
7. Don't Tell Me
8. Under the Radar
9. Indigo Dream
10. Listening to the Rain
11. Not Every Day
12. Back in Line
13. Too Much Information
14. Once in a Lifetime
15. Something 'Bout the Dark
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