Terms & Conditions

All CDs are burned to CD-R, with no label. This is to ensure compatibility with most CD players, car stereos, and computer CD drives. If you would like to label your disc, use a Sharpie or other permanent marker on the manufacturer's logo side only.

Full length CDs ship in a jewel case with tray card and a 2-, 4-, or 8-page booklet. Multi-CD sets ship in a multi-CD case with two tray cards and a booklet. CD singles ship in a slimline case with 2- or 4-page booklet.

If a CD arrives damaged or is unplayable, I will send a new CD in a paper sleeve to replace the defective disc. Please note that not all CD players will play CD-R discs. If your disc plays in another player, then it's not defective. If it's unplayable in more than one player, I'll be happy to replace it.

If artwork arrives damaged, I can mail replacement artwork *or* email a PDF file you can print yourself, at your discretion.

If a jewel case arrives damaged, it honestly makes the most sense for you to replace it at your local music store, office supply store, or even Walgreens. It costs me more to ship a jewel case than it would cost you to buy a new one. And if your post office broke the first case, they're likely to break the replacement as well.