Rob Straughn: Guitar In Green CD

The final installment in Rob Straughn's trilogy of CDs focusing on the art of songwriting. A number of short songs, maybe telling a story, maybe just airing feelings, some so short, they are but musical shards. Yet together, they tell a larger story. Standout tracks: "bitter about life," "not together together" and "some colder night" Produced by CW Smith.

1. roaming anywhere
2. deep inside you
3. tough face
4. the hard years
5. bitter about life
6. used cars
7. never too late
8. another interest
9. a life without god
10. differently
11. a strange neighborhood
12. animated
13. shook my head no
14. saturday night special
15. not together together
16. cracked
17. this leaf
18. no bombs
19. noose
20. some colder night

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